Our Mission:


We, at Pouncing Tigers, teach the virtues of Martial Arts to develop the habit of success for all students.  Using ancient techniques and modern teaching systems, we create an atmosphere where the ability to fail transforms into the opportunity to persevere.  We put our students first, balancing discipline with levity so that students may reach their highest potential.  









Pouncing Tigers, Martial Arts for children, is a combination of complementary martial arts styles. It is designed to teach children that respect and learning are fun. Strength building games, listening exercises and Martial Arts techniques are covered in every class. The Martial Arts techniques in the Pouncing Tigers classes have been specifically crafted to challenge the students and to encourage their success beyond the dojo, now and for years to come. The goal is to plant a seed now so that a love of Martial Arts, and the excellent habits that come with it, will grow with your child for the rest of their lives. And they love it!

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