Build strength and character


Fitness and practical self-defense


Earn your black belt together

The Pouncing Tigers team expertly embeds discipline, self control, and respect into every lesson.

Working from coordination drills and basic strikes, students build up to advanced strikes and weapons skills as they work through the ranks. Like our curriculum, our weapons move from basic to advanced with nunchucks, sticks, and sai.  


The classes are split into three programs: Basic Program, Black Belt Training*, and the Leadership Program*.

*Black Belt Training and Leadership Program by Instructor invitation only

Earn your black belt, learn to defend yourself, stay fit or get in shape.

We also offer Hapkido for teens and adults looking to continue their Martial Arts journey. Standing, ground, and weapons techniques come together in this self defense-centric art with a belt system.

If you’re feeling adventurous, join Team Pounce​’s next obstacle race or charity event!

Start your Black Belt journey today.


In these classes, the students learn to listen more carefully and respond respectfully. And they do it with a smile. They don’t realize they will improve at school work, get along with others more easily, and work harder at everything they do.


It's never too late to earn your Black Belt. Join other like-minded students and learn how to defend yourself in real-world situations, build a fitness routine tailored to your level of ability, and have fun doing it!


128th St between

Lenox and 7th Ave

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